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6 Reasons Why You Want to Be a Minimalist

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

The Minimalist Style is around since the late 90s and there is no end in sight. It doesn’t go out of fashion. But doesn’t minimalist mean cold, sterile, boring, cheap? Not at all! You can create a minimalist home that looks still luxurious, warm, and nuanced. With a few twists, you can make the minimalist design welcoming and homey. You can also discover various minimalist styles like Minimalist Boho here.

6 Reasons to Become A Fan of the Minimalist Style

#1: It’s fool-proof

With this style, you can’t fail. It’s absolutely fool-proof. There are a few rules though you should follow: 

  • Choose a simple color palette, nothing crazy and too bold (e.g white, black, grey, or neutrals).
  • Declutter: Try to keep it simple and get rid of too many things you actually don’t need in the room.
  • Minimalist artwork: Find simple artwork like beautiful One-Line-prints

#2: A minimalist doesn’t need new furniture

You can easily make the minimalist style work without investing in new expensive furniture. If you have too many colors involved like a pink sofa, you might consider though buying a new one or investing in a white cream cover. The rule here is – as mentioned above- to declutter as much as possible. Make space so the room looks airy and clean. Minimalist designed rooms appear much larger. 

#3: Stress – free decorating

You might think how difficult can it be – it’s just white walls!  Think again! White is a color and comes in many variations. But you should find a white that matches your rooms fairly quickly if you follow these simple steps:

  • Observe the natural light during the day in the room.
  • Get some tester pots of your favorite whites and paint a spot on all four walls to see how the light falls on it.
  • Don’t forget to test the whites with the artificial light in the room even if you will change the lighting later on.

Sometimes you don’t need to paint, especially when you move into a rented home where the walls are already painted white. This is the case mostly in the UK.

By choosing and sticking to a color palette that consists of only three hues you create consistency throughout the room or your entire home. With these few colors, you can even change decoration around in different rooms.

When it comes to decoration – keep it simple. Don’t overload the walls. One picture here, a mirror there. The motto is “less is more”. To achieve a combination of minimalist and biophilic design read here.

Minimalist workspace

#4: A minimalist thinks about the environment 

As a big fan of preloved furniture and decoration and also an advocate for sustainability and the circular economy I urge to shop secondhand or look out for sustainable interiors. I know, sometimes you see a piece of furniture you must have, but think twice before you buy. Maybe this piece is already available secondhand or you can upcycle something old into something trendy. In the long run, our planet will appreciate it!

#5: It’s budget-friendly

The name of this style implies already thriftiness. But don’t get me wrong – you can make the minimalist style luxurious too. In general, though it should save you money, when sticking to the following principles:

  • Declutter as much as possible and get rid of useless things or bulky furniture and decoration
  • Donate things or sell them
  • Some properties are already sold or rented with white walls, especially rented places or new-builds
  • Consider every piece of furniture carefully if you really need it

#6: Timeless beauty

The minimalist style never comes out of fashion. It’s here to stay! It has too many benefits to be dumped or brushed under the carpet. 

Minimalist style bedroom

Don’t forget to transport and live the Minimalist Style in every aspect of your life. It’s worth trying a few changes in other parts of your life, not just the decor. Minimalists can focus better and gain more clarity. Many who practice minimalism in life are meditating every day and following a healthier diet. Being mindful and kind is another reason why a lot of people choose the minimalist lifestyle.