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How to mix the minimalist style

We all are fascinated by the minimalist style nowadays but does it mix with other styles? What if I like the style but want to bring my own personality in? Would that be a No-Go?

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style – What’s this? When you don’t know what I’m writing about read my article 6 Reasons Why You Want to Be A Minimalist here.

For some people, the minimalist style is tempting because it’s focused, clean, sleek and decluttered. On the other hand though – for some, there might be a missing element: Personality!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the minimalist style, but it could come across sometimes like a cold and sterile room in a show house. So, how can I bring in a subtle touch of personality?

Mix it up

Ever heard of Minimalist Boho? This is a design style which clearly is warm, welcoming and it brings character into the room. This Facebook group is very inspiring. There are many other styles you can mix with the minimalist style (e.g. Mid Century or Art Deco are great for mixing with Minimalist design) but to still go minimalist you should follow some simple guidelines:

  • Try to keep it simple
  • Declutter as much as possible
  • Stick to a simple but concise colour palette
  • Commit to one other style you want to mix with minimalism
  • Choose very few deco pieces but with character

The minimalist boho style, as mentioned above, can come in handy, when you love rattan, wicker, wood, and other natural materials. It creates an instant warm feeling when you enter the room.  How about a macrame wall hanging or a lovely rug on the wall behind the bead? Fall in love with tassels on pillows and bring texture in with trows. Spruce it up with some Pampas grass in an elegant vase –  and voila!

When it comes to colour I suggest you pick one of your favourite colours and tie it in with whites and neutrals or muted colours.

If you are stuck with the colour palette, take a rug you like as a starting point and pull out the colours you love from there.

I also recommend to get creative and paint or draw your own piece of art. One line of drawings or doodles are a great fit!

Artwork mixing colours

Credit: Victoria Rumens @valleyhouseinteriors

This brings in a lot of your own personality. If you don’t feel arty, you might have a favourite artist or artwork you want to showcase. You can use art also as a focal point of the room.

Bring in some plants too. It instantly enhances well-being and you feel connected with nature. Learn more about biophilic design here.

Minimalist Boho 1

Credit: via Pinterest

I personally think the Minimalist Boho style is a great combination and opens up a lot more possibilities to bring your own personality in. By choosing sustainable materials even you step it up and contribute to protecting our planet. I have launched a sustainable sourcing guide where you can easily find sustainable furniture, decor and soft furnishings.

Here are two design concepts I have created to give you some inspiration. If you like you also can shop the look, simply follow the links.

Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. I have partnered with companies with which I share the same values and believe in their products and quality.

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