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How to achieve a glamorous but responsible design?

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You love glamorous and luxurious furniture but at the same time, you want to think about the planet? Here are some things to consider to achieve a glamorous but responsible interior design:

Think about the materials

Animal leather has its reputation for being sleek and luxurious but there are cruelty-free alternatives on the market. Real leather is often treated with loads of toxins and is therefore unhealthy for you and also the workers who handled it. Mushroom, Pinatex or mango, and apple skin leather can achieve the same look and feel. For more cruelty-free fabric alternatives in general check out this dictionary of vegan fabrics.

Wool, silk, and down should be avoided altogether as there is no such thing as responsible sourced and cruelty-free wool or down. But again, there are alternatives for these materials too, which are even anti-allergen.

Think about the quality

When I think of luxury I think of high-quality pieces, which last longer and are even handcrafted. Therefore they might be more expensive, but I think we need to see furniture as friends or roommates who live with us for a long time. We even can pass them on or they can be inherited by our kids. Sometimes quality can mean longer lead times. So, you might need to wait for it a little longer than usual. This could mean the product is made to order and therefore there is no stock. It ensures that furniture is only manufactured when ordered and doesn’t sit in a warehouse and is thrown out by the end of the season.

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Think about the emissions and the packaging

Higher quality means also that the furniture or decor is manufactured in a country with high standards, fair employment, and commitment to responsible sourcing. If the product has to be shipped a long way it’s very likely the supplier wants to cut corners on the costs of manufacturing or materials. The family-run business based in Surrey, Love your Home, embraces these principles and offer high-quality and luxury furniture. Try to find out in what packaging the new piece will arrive, as you also need to take care of its disposal. But don’t forget, you do not need new furniture to achieve a glamorous but responsible design. Why not check your local online marketplace for preloved things or even rent a new sofa? You will be surprised how much furniture you can find which is hardly used and therefore show no wear and tear. This saves you money and the packaging.

Think about your old furniture

So, you get a new sofa, but what to do with the old one? Some suppliers offer a take-back or a give-away scheme for your preloved furniture or mattress. Maybe you can use the preloved sofa in a different room or a friend wants it?

If you need a little inspiration on how to achieve a responsible luxurious look check out this shop-the-look board:

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