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How online interior design services can instantly improve your home

Online interior design post

I get it! Since we can shop furniture and decor easily online, the world of interiors is open to everyone.  You can order a new sofa with one click and it comes in a box easy to assemble the next day. However, it can feel overwhelming to find the right furniture which fits your space, your style and your budget. It’s also tricky to find out what’s a quality piece and what is cheap and doesn’t last even one single season. You want to instantly improve your home. But how can you achieve an instant improvement of your space and help to save the planet?

What is an online interior design service?

When it comes to instant improvements why not consider an online or virtual interior designer? A virtual interior designer works online and therefore remotely. No arrangements for home visits are necessary and the newly created space is just a click away from you.

How does it work?

Initial phone or video call

An online interior design service will usually offer an initial free phone or video call to discover your needs and wants. It clarifies what kind of service or package fits you and your budget. The purpose of this discovery call is also to gather as much information and details about your space.

The call should take between 30 mins and an hour to get a good impression of the designer and his/ her process and you should have a good feeling of how working together might be. Try to block this time and limit distractions during the call so you can make the most of it. Of course, it can happen that you have no idea what you want the room to look like. Hey, that’s why you need a designer, am I right? A great designer will guide you in the right direction and ask you the right questions to get to the bottom of things.


Step 1The interior designer might send you an additional questionnaire where you can fill in measurements and add photos of the room you want to transform. Sometimes these questionnaires are offered before the initial phone call. This way the designer has already the information about the room, preferences and inspirational photos on hand before your call. It makes it easier to navigate through the phone call and focus on certain questions. By the way,  don’t worry too much about taking measurements. Some virtual designers offer help with taking measurements during the call, so you don’t miss anything. It helps the designer immensely if you add photos or a Pinterest board of designs and styles you prefer.

What can you expect of an online interior design service?

Usually, an online interior designer will deliver a mood board including a colour palette and some key furniture pieces. Some designers offer a room layout plan in 2 D too. It depends on the package and the designer you choose. Read carefully what the designer offers and what you can expect for your money. I highly recommend reading always the Terms and Conditions of your designer’s services to see what you can really expect and to avoid disappointment.

Design concept board

Valley House Interiors offers a Basic Package, a Premium Package, an online Colour Consultation, and an online Sustainable Interior Design Consultation. The Basic Package offers a free initial phone or video call, access to the exclusive client portal, 2 initial design concepts based on the call and questionnaire, a final floor plan and a final room design. You get 2 free revisions of the initial design concepts and can message your designer whenever you want via the client portal.  The very best thing about my designs however is that you get a complete shopping list of all the furniture and decor, so you can shop the design in an instant. How cool and convenient is that? Find out here what’s included in the other packages of Valley House Interiors.

What are the benefits of an online interior design service?

Here comes an overview of all the benefits an online interior design service has to offer:

Designer Concept IdeasInstant design concepts: You get design concepts and ideas from a professional designer and you get a complete product shopping list, so you can instantly transform your space. You are in charge of buying the products yourself.

Money-saving benefitSaving money: An online interior design package is not a full design service and is therefore not as costly. No hidden costs and you decide in the end which products you want to purchase yourself. It can save you a fortune!

Time-saving benefit

Stressfree and time-saving: The turn-around for an e-design is much faster than a full design service. There’s no need to spend hours searching the web for furniture and decor and endless price comparing, taking the hassle out of annoying hunts for the perfect match.

Good for the planetGood for the environment: Digital design means there are no prints involved and you get your concepts delivered to your laptop. And, most important, I will focus on sustainable and cruelty-free products. No harm was done!

Are you getting curious how an online interior design service can help you and your home in an instant?

What sets Valley House Interiors apart?

My packages focus on sustainable, non-toxic furniture and decor and consider also cruelty-free materials to make a positive impact on your health, wellbeing, and the planet. The design concepts are carefully developed for your individual needs and your space. I take a very personal, human-centered as well as a biophilic approach to create your new space. Valley House Interiors wants to shift mindsets about furniture consumption and therefore encourages quality over quantity as well as preloved and recycled furniture purchases. My mission is to get away from the so-called ‘fast’ furniture and help to establish a slow and sustainable home and lifestyle. If you have any questions about the design process or the packages please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

By clicking on ‘Request a project’ you can fill in my free questionnaire, which gives me an idea of your needs. If you feel more comfortable talking to me in person simply book a free discovery call here.