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15 Tips to Style Your Bedroom Sustainable and Cruelty-free

How to achieve a calming space to retreat for the night

We want our bedrooms cozy, calm and relaxing. It’s our space to sleep, where we retreat at the end of the day, and where we should feel safe. We also long for lasting quality pieces that don’t go to waste in a couple of years. Here come 15 tips to style your bedroom sustainable and cruelty-free. 

In order to achieve a calming space these tips can help:

  • Declutter- everything you don’t really need should go.
  • Ban electronic devices from your bedroom altogether (I mean even your Fitbit watch…and yep, Alexa can sleep in the living room or kitchen too).
  • Add at least one plant – it improves air quality.
  • Add a mirror – it adds depth.
  • Style your dresser mindfully- get decor you really love and means something to you.
  • Get only naturally scented candles, no perfumed candles.
  • Layer cushions on the bed.
  • Hang calming wall art.
  • Consider a headboard – this makes the bed look like in a boutique hotel. Instead of a headboard you can paint the wall behind the bed in a different colour or make a paneled or wooden slat wall.
  • Create instantly a cozy impression with a four-poster bed.

Choose your colours and lamps wisely 

Choosing the right colour palette for your bedroom is as important as the furniture and decor you will choose. You want to enter the room and feel instantly relaxed and not too excited. Try not to go overboard with your colour palette. Instead, choose no more than 4 colours, including the colours of the decor. A note on lighting: the coziness of a  bedroom lives or dies with the right lighting. Downlighters (spotlights) are not ideal, as it’s considered too direct lighting for the bedroom. However, if you have downlighters, try to use them dimmed. If you have a dressing table in your bedroom a mirror with integrated lights is the best solution to see your face and apply make-up rather than using the downlighters as they could cause shadows on your face. Wall lights and table lamps offer a more indirect light and this way the room looks cozier.

How to make your bedroom more sustainable and cruelty-free

For your wellbeing and to guarantee a healthy sleep, it’s important that this room is toxin-free and equipped with quality furniture and decor.

These 5 simple tips can help:

  • Use natural materials- wood, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton
  • Use cruelty-free materials- leather alternatives, buckwheat hulls in pillows
  • Choose low VOC paint
  • Get solid quality furniture made with FSC wood, even better when it’s preloved.
  • Reconsider your bedding – buy linen or organic cotton for your bedding. Also, try an alternative to down feathers e.g buckwheat hulls for the pillow.

How to find sustainable and cruelty-free furniture and decor for your bedroom

I do recommend working firstly with what you have at home. If your furniture needs to go, maybe you can get something preloved?

However, if you need new furniture, bedding or soft furnishings I have these tips for you:

Beds, mattresses and furniture

If you need a new bed or mattress invest in something for the long term, it will pay off for sure as you get a well-deserved sleep. When a bed is well made, it’s made to last. Check out suppliers that offer repair services or take it back to recycle it – that way at the end of its life you do not need to worry about disposal and have peace of mind. Beds and mattresses by Auping, Saatva, or La Redoute UK are a great option.

Ethnicraft- Spindle Double bed

Image: Spindle Double Bed by Ethincraft

Look out for responsibly-sourced wooden furniture (FSC label), or opt for bamboo.


Try to get familiar with alternatives to down feathers as these are not sustainable and cruelty-free sourced and the cause of allergies. Options here are Kapok, Hyperallergenic organic cotton (GOTS certified), natural latex, and buckwheat hulls. This way you will get a night of healthier sleep and no goose has been harmed. 

Scenario Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

Image: Organic Cotton Bedding Scenario by La Redoute UK


Rugs made of jute or recycled material are a great sustainable option. Try to stay away from wool as it can trigger allergies. Wool is also not sustainable or cruelty-free sourced. You can lay rugs in many different ways: area rugs for under the bed, runners on either side of the bed or layered rugs. If you don’t know what I’m talking about sign up to download my free bedroom style guide. 

You can find a sustainable bedroom here and shop the look below to get your own:

For more sustainable bedroom ideas and products check out my directory for sustainable and cruelty-free furniture and decor.

Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. I have partnered with companies with which I share the same values and I believe in their products and quality.

I hope these tips help you to style your bedroom sustainable and cruelty-free. If you have any questions simply drop me a line at