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5 benefits of visual interior and garden design

When I moved into our first home I wished I could have visuals for all the rooms to see what it would look like. I wouldn’t have made bad paint color choices and other layout mistakes and maybe would have saved a fortune. My home would have looked much more cohesive rather than off in places. I know I speak to your heart and I’m not alone.

Well, there is a solution: I call it visual design. Let me show you my 5 favorite benefits of visual design and how I incorporate them in interior and garden design.

1. Making informed decisions

Why not see how it would look before tearing down walls, picking up the paintbrush, or ordering a sofa that looked great online but doesn’t fit in the room? Decision-making is happening much easier, and faster with an actual image in front of you. Communicating the design through visuals is crucial to make informed decisions and everybody can instantly see the end result. In fact, there are no misunderstandings, because the image shows exactly the outcome.

Bachelor's Apartement 2k


2. Calculating costs

Based on the design calculating costs can be made easy, as materials can be identified and trades can also see what the client wants. I already mentioned above how important communication is in design, so sharing the design with the tradesmen is really beneficial to communicate what exactly is needed. They even can calculate quantities from these visuals.

3. Choosing the right color palette

Color schemes are important, but often not very visible on a simple mood board. It all depends on proportion and if the color scheme works together with furniture and decor. Designing is a process and getting it right the first time is rare. Again, communication is key here! Through 3D images, elevations and video walkthroughs a cohesive look throughout can be achieved. During my design process, I’m working with you and your personality so it fits and flows better and is suitable for you and your family.

4. Choosing the right furniture and decor

When choosing a color scheme and materials, the next step is finding furniture and decor that is right and fits. With a visual design, you can instantly see if the desk fits in this corner of the room or if it would fit better in a different spot.  The same goes for structural changes like extensions. Of course, CAD drawings can give a hint of how it will look but to take a big-picture approach having visuals can be a complete game-changer. Before tearing down walls, visuals can help to get an understanding of space and how the light will come through. It can support where to put furniture and what other structural changes would be required to make the space the best it can be. My design service includes a clickable shopping list, so you can shop the furniture and decor straight away without browsing the internet endlessly. Make an enquiry today for the Design Master Plan to get all details about this service.

5. Avoiding costly mistakes

This is actually the most crucial benefit. You can save a fortune by using visual design services, to avoid costly mistakes in the first place. This is not just true for interior design, but also for garden design. Take a look at my garden design service and see the benefits of this kind of service.


More benefits of visual interior and garden design

I have specialized in 3D-rendered images and video walkthroughs for interior design and garden design. My aim is to bring the vision to life and support you in your decision-making. There are more benefits of visual interior and garden design than meets the eye.

If you want to know more or are interested in what I can do for your home, contact me today and tell me about your project.