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Natural Wreath-Making

It’s this time of the year. Door wreaths are very popular in Autumn and especially for Christmas. During the half-term break, my kids asked me if they could help to make a natural wreath for Autumn. So we ventured out into the garden and chose pine branches, cones, orange berries, moss and colourful foliage from all sorts of shrubs.

Pine needels

Essential steps for making a natural wreath

  1. The first step is to get damp moss all around the wooden wreath ring. This ensures that the natural wreath stays fresh as long as possible as we have chosen real foliage and not plastic ones. A steel thread helps to hold the pine branches in place which go around in the same direction.
  2. Create a sling with the tread to use later to hang it onto your door. You could also use a lovely decorative band in a certain thickness to hang the wreath.
  3. You can now put the more bulkier pieces on the wreath (e.g. cones). Pins hold the cones in place.
  4. Decorate with lighter branches, flowers, and berries using the smaller pins.
  5. Finish by spraying the wreath with water. Alternatively, I learned in a workshop by Neptune to use hairspray to make the leaves shine.


The benefits of a natural wreath

The natural wreath can stay a few weeks fresh depending on weather and other circumstances. Going with the seasons you can change your wreath or add different components from your garden or what you found on a walk.

For the Christmas wreath, you can start the same way and decorate with things that mean Christmas to you. For instance, I used cotton bulbs on my Christmas wreath last year, as these create a fluffy cozy feeling in me. Eucalyptus is an all-around genius and very popular when it comes to foliage and home decor. But the options are really limitless. I chose natural materials rather than artificial ones because the smell of pine reminds me of Christmas and walking into snow-covered woods in Austria on Christmas Day.

Wreath making

I hope you like this short natural wreath-making guide and feel inspired to make your own wreath this year with mainly natural components. If you want to learn more about sustainability in interior design and where to find sustainable furniture and decor, check out my directory for sustainable products.  Thank you for joining me on the journey to a more sustainable world, less harm and less waste.