I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I discovered a passion for mixing colours during my interior design classes. I also discovered my craving to make art out of waste materials and give them a new purpose. Let’s call it waste(d) art!

Find here some of my recent artwork experiments which were created during the design process for some of my projects.

Mixing colours

In my opinion the foundations for interior design are in understanding colours and how to mix them. To develop design ideas and to create moodboards for clients I ordered quite a lot of paint tester pots. It’s great to see the real paint colour before you make a decision on a specific colour. But you end up with a ton of tester pots you opened and can’t return. With the left- over of this paint you can actually create something. I like the idea that I can use up the tester paints and even mix them or mix them with acrylic paint to create a different hue.

Artwork mixing colours

Credit: For this painting I used Little Greene Brighton Green

Mixing green

Mixing green

It’s really important to annotate everything.



I also love simple line art. You can express so much with just a few lines on a white piece of paper.

Line drawing