Interior Design Services

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The benefits of online interior design services

Designer Concept Ideas

Professional design concepts: You do not have to do this on your own! I’m here to help. You get design concepts and ideas from a professional designer and you get a complete product list with links to the suppliers. You are in charge of buying the products yourself.

Money-saving benefitSaving money: An online interior design package is not a full design service and is therefore not as costly. No hidden costs and you decide in the end which products you want to purchase yourself. It can save you a fortune!

Time-saving benefit

Stressfree and time-saving: The turn-around for an e-design is much faster than a full design service. There’s no need to spend hours searching the web for furniture and decor and endless price comparing, taking the hassle out of annoying hunts for the perfect match.

Good for the planetGood for the environment: Digital design means there are no prints involved and you get your concepts delivered to your laptop. And, most important, I will focus on sustainable and cruelty-free products. No harm was done!


By clicking on ‘Request a Project’ you can fill in my free questionnaire, which gives me an idea of your needs. If you feel more comfortable talking to me in person simply book a free discovery call here.


How it works and what to expect

 Step 1 Questionnaire: Step 1 By filling in the free questionnaire, you give me the information needed to design your space. Through the questionnaire I get the measurements of your space, notes about your style, likes and dislikes, and some inspiration in form of a Pinterest board or images pulled from the web.

Step 2 Purchase your design package: No worries, I will give you all the help and support about how to measure the space if you need it. After you have filled in the questionnaire I can advise which design package is the best fit for you and you will get an invitation to my exclusive client portal to purchase your ideal package. At the moment I offer 4 design packages: Colour consultation, Sustainable product consultation, a Standard e-design package, and a Premium e-design package.

Step 2

Step 3 Invitation to the Client Portal: Through the client portal, we are able to chat anytime and you have instant access to the designs and product lists. Everything is in one place.

Step 4 Initial Phone call: After receiving your questionnaire, measurements, notes, photos of the room, inspirational images, and your payment I will arrange an initial phone or video call to get to know you and your project a bit more. I will walk you through the design process and make sure we don’t miss anything important. If you need help with measuring the space I can help you with that on this call.

Design Board

Step 5 Receive Design Concepts: I will put 2 initial concept boards (mood board with key furniture pieces and colour palette) and a floor plan in the client portal, so you can choose from 2 design concepts as a starting point.

Step 6 Review and communicate directly: After you receive these concept boards you can make changes, add comments and accept or decline products. Depending on your purchased package you get up to 3 revisions of the concept boards.

Product list example

Step 7 Putting it all together for you:

FloorplanI will implement your changes accordingly and pull together one final design. You will get notified when the final design is finished (usually 10 days after your last revision, but sometimes quicker.) Depending on your chosen package the final design might consist of a floor plan including the furniture layout, a moodboard to show your final design concept including the complete product list with links where to buy them from, and one 2d room design.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!